Are you thinking about becoming a truck driver, but wondering what the critical truck driver skills are? Here’s what every great driver has in common.

Did you know that there are around 3.5 million truck drivers in America?

Believe it or not, there’s still a high demand for adding more drivers into the workforce.

Have you ever wondered what skills do you need to be a truck driver? Keep reading to learn 4 crucial truck driver skills to see if you have what it takes.

1. The Most Important Truck Driver Skills: Impeccable Driving Habits

The best truck driver would have a clean driving record. This demonstrates that the driver is competent, cautious, and experienced. Since your life, other drivers’ lives, and merchandise are on the line, you need to be reliable.

Aside from having a spotless background, it’s also beneficial if you have experience working with big rigs. Since every truck driver starts somewhere, don’t be discouraged from applying if you’re new to the industry. With enough passion, anyone can learn how to drive a truck safely.

2. Thrives When Working Alone

If you’re a laid back person, you may love being on the open road by yourself. Although truck drivers have long hours, you do have the opportunity to listen to your favorite music or audiobooks while you work.

Many hours will be spent alone, but some other important truck driving skills include friendliness and good communication. Once you reach your destination, you may have to chat with clients to maintain solid working relationships. If you’re a shy person, you may not be fit for the customer service side of the job.

3. Physical and Mental Stamina

Lots of people work 9-5 office jobs, so they’re used to sitting for long stretches of time. The major difference between an office job and a truck driving job is that it’s not as easy to get up and stretch. In order to be the most efficient, one of the most important driver skills is being able to endure long periods of sitting behind the wheel.

It’s also critical that truck drivers are mentally fit to do the job. This involves staying alert at all times and having a good reaction speed. Since it’s easy to daydream through long stretches of road, truck drivers need to develop techniques to stay focused.

4. Understand Maintenance

Although you won’t be required to take on the role of a mechanic, it is helpful to know some basic maintenance tasks. If you get a flat tire, it’s much faster to replace the tire yourself instead of waiting for roadside assistance.

Understanding heavy machinery can also alert you to any unusual sounds or functions. The sooner you can address any issues with your truck, the longer you can extend its lifespan and ability to operate without any major issues. Since there are many strict safety guidelines truck drivers have to follow, the more you know about maintenance, the smoother your rides will be.

Should I Be a Truck Driver?

Do you have these 4 truck driver skills?

If so, a career in truck driving can be a rewarding experience. Learn more about our drivers and start your application today!